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Electrical issues are less common in modern cars than several other problems, but they are one of the most difficult to diagnose than most mechanical problems. You should leave all electrical problems up to the experts to determine what the issue is and recommend the best solution accordingly. The complex nature of electrical problems often requires using special equipment to identify the root cause of the problem. Such equipment can access the data of your vehicle’s computer about how various components are operating. The data can then guide professionals to the exact issue so that our Express Auto & Tires team can make the repairs. 

Unlike an engine that rattles or brakes that squeak, electrical issues don’t necessarily announce themselves in any way that’s easy for a car owner to understand. You need to understand that your vehicle’s electrical system comprises several different components such as the battery, alternator, starter, battery cables, and a computer system. Issues with these components can cause severe problems with your vehicle’s operation. If you want to ensure that you face an electrical issue or not, our Express Auto & Tires team suggests you look for these common signs that indicate you may have some problem with your vehicle’s electrical system. 


Check Engine Light
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If you notice one, or a few of these issues, we suggest you bring your car over to the professionals from Express Auto & Tires. Our team has several years of training and experience in the field, which gives us the knowledge to make electrical repairs to your automobile effortlessly. 

The vehicle won’t start. 


The most likely electrical issue you may experience in your vehicle is not starting. If you notice that your car is not starting, there is a good chance that you may be facing an issue related to your vehicle’s battery, alternator, or starter. If you turn on the ignition and nothing happens, you need to check if the interior lights turn on as you open the car door. 

If lights are also not working in your vehicle and your car does not start, you likely have a dead battery. However, if the lights are on but nothing happens when you turn your vehicle on, you probably have an issue with your alternator. You may have a starter-related problem if you hear a clicking sound when you turn on the ignition. All of these issues require you to visit Express Auto & Tires for a complete diagnosis and repair at the earliest.

Leakage or visual damage to the battery

It would help if you inspected your battery now and then to check for any corrosion stains or buildup around the terminal. You need to be careful if you notice any signs, as the contents of a battery tend to be corrosive and will damage any bare skin that touches it. These signs suggest that your battery is leaking, experiencing an issue, or is towards the end of its life. 

Light functions but gets dim when driving.

If you see that your dashboard or headlights seem to dim when you start driving at low speeds or when the vehicle is idling, you may have a problem with the alternator, the voltage regulator, or the battery. If you have an issue related to the alternator or voltage regulator, it may also cause your lights to fluctuate under certain circumstances. If your car’s battery is on its last legs, it may be charging slower than usual or have issues holding a charge, resulting in dimming headlights and dashboard lights under certain conditions.

Your vehicle runs, but the brake lights do not work.

If you have already replaced your brake light bulbs, but they still do not function, the issue might not be with the bulbs at all; it can be a fuse. If a specific part of your vehicle, like the radio or brake lights, is not working, you need to check for a fuse. The best way to do this is by bringing your vehicle to Express Auto & Tires right away! Our team can quickly detect the issue and have it repaired in no time.

Our professionals can get to the root cause of your issue effortlessly 

Professional diagnostic tests done by our Express Auto & Tires team can help you reveal any problems within your car’s transmission, exhaust system, electrical system, or any other major component. We can also tell you if you have any performance-related issues with your airflow, fuel injector, coolant, ignition coils, and throttle. 

We have noticed a common misconception that vehicle owners have regarding car diagnostic tests. Most vehicle owners believe that professionals use code reading tools to identify the exact problem that triggered your vehicle’s check engine light. However, in reality, the code only tells us which engine or component parameters are out of range. It does not show us the root cause of your issues which is why you must hire professional experts. All our experienced technicians from Express Auto & Tires use their years of experience and expertise to discover any underlying problem with your vehicle.

Don’t wait for the Check Engine Light; contact Express Auto & Tires immediately!

You do not have to wait for your vehicle’s check engine light if you wish to run a diagnostic test. If you feel or hear something “off,” professional mechanics from Express Auto & Tires can help you uncover any issues effortlessly. Our team suggests you bring your car in for a diagnostic check once a year since it can help find minor problems before they become major ones. If you live anywhere in or around Irving, Texas, and face issues related to your vehicle’s electrical system, you need to contact Express Auto & Tires right away. Call us at (972)-636-4903 to book your visit. 

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