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True obsession never ends. Does this quote describe you? Nevertheless, a car enthusiast can never deny this quote anyway.

Car lovers gradually end up becoming investors to pay extra attention to their vehicle’s upgrades since it can help boost its energy. However, the most critical update that all vehicle owners look for is the engine’s usual oil change.

After a long trip, when your car feels exhausted, you should go for an oil change. Many websites and professional auto repair personnel recommend changing the oil in your vehicle after 4000 to 5000 miles. But in reality, these numbers don’t even matter!

We suggest you consult our mechanic to find out better information depending on your vehicle’s model and maker. If we talk from a psychological perspective, most car owners refuse oil changes even when their vehicle has a long run. You need to understand that regular oil change is the key to your car’s performance.


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If you don’t pay attention, your car can get damaged. Stay alert when it comes to changing oil, as it is an essential component that improves your vehicle’s overall functionality. Just like an average car owner, you, too, must have googled the importance of getting your oil changed. Here, our team has discussed five main reasons why you should do it; they are –

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It helps the engine stay lubricated

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It gives you a longer engine life

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Improves your vehicle gas mileage

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Improves your vehicle gas mileage

It helps your engine stay lubricated.

Who does not want to keep their vehicle running like a jet? After extended use, a car engine can get tired and starts producing excess heat. Never let your engine overheat. Change your oil regularly.

If you choose not to get your car oil changed whenever required, your engine will not get adequately lubricated, which can further cause malfunction. You can avoid a lot of future engine problems if you choose to get regular oil changes.

Extend your engine life

Getting your oil changed regularly can increase the overall life expectancy of your car’s engine. What else could you want more than having better engine lubrication, dirt prevention, and fuel efficiency? Once you treat your vehicle with consistent oil changes, you will reap these benefits and create even more value for your engine’s life. We recommend you to be diligent when it comes to oil changes.

Getting improved with better gas mileage

Without having good gas mileage, it is never possible to check your vehicle’s real ability. The more your vehicle is enriched with fuel efficiency or gas mileage, the better it will run. Many people buy a car to endure long distances.

Maintaining a strict oil changing schedule can help you get the most efficient gas mileage from your vehicle. So, don’t put it off. Get your car’s oil changed. As an owner, it benefits you to maximize its gas mileage without wasting extra money on replacements later.

Helps in reducing engine cranks

Engine wear is something that is bound to happen in your vehicle! Nevertheless, we can actively take steps in order to reduce your overall engine wear by implementing fresh oil in your car. Here at Express Auto & Tires, our mechanics have consulted several clients going through corrosive wear, fatigue wear, abrasive wear, and adhesive wear.

Most of these engines wear types end-up bringing dirt and dust particles to your engine, which can cause corrosion and decrease your engine’s overall life. Regularly changing your oil and filters can help eliminate these particles from your engine and bring your vehicle back to its peak condition.

Cools down engine components

When we were young, all of us have spent time as a passenger for many miles every week. Sooner or later, all of us will be in the driver’s seat, and then it will be your responsibility to go through all the necessary maintenance practices. Getting your oil changed is one of those responsibilities.

When we say oil change, it’s more like slang. As a professional, oil change means routine maintenance for any vehicle. When we change your car’s oil, the used oil is flushed out of your vehicle’s engine and is replaced with fresh, new oil.

During this process, often the engine oil filter is changed too. Replacing your old oil for new help in lubricating the engine and resolving any heating issues effectively.

Our team at Express Auto & Tires recommend you reach out to us if you want to get your vehicle’s engine performance diagnosed. Most vehicle manufacturers add an oil-life monitoring system that notifies the driver when their car requires an oil change.

No matter how compatible your car is, be sure to check regularly if your vehicle needs an oil change anytime soon.

Get in touch with Express Auto & Tires.

The importance of getting your oil changed is not a hassle, but more like a crucial task for your car that needs to be done. Proper maintenance of a vehicle includes regular oil change. If you live in Irving, Texas, and are looking for a good mechanic, look no further. We also serve Euless and Grand Prairie.

Here at Express Auto & Tires, we have a team of experts who are specialized in auto care services. Be it auto repair, oil change, or tire replacement, our professionals can get the job done for you without wasting any time or money. 

Reach out to us at 972-636-4903, and we will have your vehicle repaired and running in no time. 

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