If you are a vehicle owner, you must carry out proper maintenance of your vehicle. A vehicle that does not get adequate care is much more prone to severe issues in the future, affecting your finances adversely.

Getting regular maintenance for your vehicle can help you reduce any risk of severe or sudden future failures. Maintenance also helps in improving the overall driving quality and experience of your vehicle.

Cars that professional drivers drive are usually well maintained. It is not difficult for a car driver to maintain their vehicle correctly. Drivers with a limited amount of motor knowledge could also regularly perform a few maintenance tasks like checking if their tire has the right pressure, coolant, brake fluid, inspecting of engine oil, etc.

Car owners who believe that maintenance is too much of a hassle to deal with can reach out to a mechanic to get proper maintenance for their vehicle. If you live in Irving, Texas, and are looking to get your car checked, then you should get in touch with Express Auto & Tires as soon as possible.



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If you fail to maintain your vehicle periodically, it can lead to severe problems for you and your vehicle in the future. It can result in sudden damage or any mechanical failures within your vehicle that may be much more expensive to fix.

Our team has listed a few of the most crucial repairs that you may have to get done if you choose not to maintain your car properly:

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Replacing or fixing the cylinder

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Replacing your vehicle's transmission assembly

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Replacing spark plugs and cylinder head

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Replacing your vehicle's camshaft

Replacing or fixing the cylinder

Cylinder failure usually occurs if you do not put the right mixture of air, fuel, and sparks in it. A cylinder failure can be taken as a clear indication of continued neglect.

An appropriate mix of air, spark, and fuel can cause your cylinder to overheat, ultimately resulting in a total failure.

Replacing your vehicle’s transmission assembly

You may have to face transmission problems if you do not get regular maintenance done for your vehicle. These issues can be actively avoided if you, as the owner, are following the vehicle manufacturer’s guide.

You need to remember that without a fully functioning transmission, your vehicle will not be able to turn.

Replacing the spark plugs and cylinder head

If you do not properly maintain the spark plugs and cylinder head, it can lead to your vehicle’s engine’s failure. Any misfires within your engine can cause your cylinders to heat up and fail.

Replacing your vehicle’s camshaft

One of the most common reasons for camshaft failure is the buildup of grime and accumulation of dirt. Excess dirt and grime can cause your vehicle’s camshaft to fail.

This can be easily prevented by a periodic oil change and valve cleansing. Ideally, such problems occur if you ignore your car’s maintenance or are not regular.

Why is vehicle maintenance necessary?

There is a list of vehicle maintenance tasks that you need to perform regularly to ensure that your vehicle functions smoothly. These basic maintenance tasks are not very difficult to achieve, don’t take a lot of your time, and can help you save money on expensive maintenance problems in the future.

Some of the most crucial maintenance tasks that you need to get done are as follows:

  • fluid checks
  • oil change
  • checking tire pressure
  • checking the engine air filter

Checking your vehicle’s engine air filter 

Dirty air filters can reduce your vehicle’s engine’s total life expectancy and significantly affect the mileage. Our Express Auto & Tires professionals believe that having a dirty air filter can reduce your vehicle’s overall mileage by almost 10%. 

You can get your air filters cleaned by merely blowing air on to your engine filters, which should help you eliminate any accumulated dust. 

Get in touch with Express Auto & Tires. 

If you live in or around Irving, TX, and are looking to get your vehicle’s regular maintenance done by professionals, you can get in touch with Express Auto & Tires. We also serve the cities of Euless and Grand Prairie.

Our skilled team can fix any vehicle that requires service by providing a thorough diagnostic, and executes repairs accordingly. 

Want to get in touch? Give us a call at 972-636-4903, and one of our professionals will take care of all your auto servicing needs. 

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