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Some types of car repairs can wait, but others like oil change demand you to get immediate attention. But we are not here to talk about oil change. We are here to talk about worn shocks and struts. Driving a vehicle that has terrible suspension, worn struts, or shocks will not only give the driver a bad drive, but it can also prove to be unsafe.

Many car owners in Irving, TX, fail to understand that they increase the stopping distance when they drive with nasty shocks and struts, particularly when the roads are wet or slippery.

The key is to effectively identify any signs of bad struts and shocks and know if it is time for you to replace them. Since these changes gradually occur, the chances are that you won’t notice such differences and can simply get used to them. This results in you not seeing the wear and tear on your suspension while driving your vehicle.

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What are struts and shocks?

Even if you drive on perfect roads, there will be days when you have to ride bouncier than what you are used to. Struts and shocks are critical in making your car run stable, even more so when you take a turn, brake, accelerate, or drive over uneven surfaces.

Most vehicles nowadays use a combination of both (struts and shocks) or one of the two. While they both have similar functionality, there are a few differences between the two. A shock is purely independent, whereas a strut puts together the shock and other single unit features. 

Both of them keep your car stable while driving and keep your tires on the ground. Without having a good pair of shocks, your car may end up bouncing up and down continuously.

Thanks to the functionality, it is normal that your vehicle’s shock absorbers wear down after extended periods (depending on how far and often you drive). If you notice any symptoms that lead you to believe that your vehicle has terrible struts, it would be best if you get them checked and replaced immediately.

If you drive carrying heavy loads or via rough roads regularly, they may get worn out quickly. Ideally, you will have to get your shocks and struts replaced after 70,000 to 90,000 miles, but you may need to do it after 40,000 to 50,000 miles in case of heavy use.

Six most common signs of worn-out shocks and struts

Car veering or sliding

If you drive in a windy condition like a tornado, car veering or sliding is typical. However, if this occurs during a clear day, it could be one of the first nasty shock symptoms. 

When your shocks get worn out, your automobile can become unstable while driving. If you have to correct your car’s direction even with mild wind, your vehicle needs to be checked by an expert.

Uneven wear on your tires

One big sign of bad shocks and struts is when your car’s tires have patchy wear and tear. This happens when your tires are not always flat and firm on the road. Tires should always have firm contact with the road all the time; otherwise, you will have a higher risk of getting a flat. 

Rolling, Rattling, and Rocking 

If your drive is suddenly choppier than usual, your car probably has a problem with its struts and shocks. Rough and rocky roads can make your vehicle shake, but it should not happen when driving over a simple road bump and railroad tracks. 

Your shocks are built to minimize and absorb the vibrations, so you will feel them if they are worn out. Moreover, it is uncomfortable for you to drive, and it also adds dangerous and unnecessary pressure to other parts of your vehicle.

Breaking causes swerving

Sometimes breaking may cause the front end of your vehicle to dip noticeably. This could happen as a result of bad shocks.

If you leave it ignored, your car can end up swerving when you hit the brakes, which can be very dangerous under wet conditions. 

Too much vibration 

A little rattling and shaking are normal when you are driving on a rough road, but if your vehicle’s steering wheel is vibrating on a usual city road, then it means that it is highly irregular. 

This signifies that your vehicle may have a problem with its shocks, which can become even worse when driving on highways. This can make it difficult for you to control your vehicle. 

Delays when braking 

Worn struts or shocks can increase the braking distance by 15% to 20%, which can be all the difference between life and death. Most vehicle owners mistake this as a sign to get their brakes checked, but this doesn’t always mean that your brake fluid is low. Fortunately, our expert mechanics team at Express Auto & Tires can efficiently diagnose what the problem is. 

How to check your shocks and struts for damage 

The main problem with worn out struts and shocks is that they usually show warning signs after too late. However, you can do certain visual inspections to check for any wear and tear beforehand. This can help you get them replaced or repaired before getting into an accident.

Firstly, you should start by looking for any leaks, as deterioration of such parts could cause a leak from the top. You need to be on the lookout for any broken, corroded, or worn-out mounts and bushings of your suspension. 

Any damage caused to your struts and shocks can end up harming your vehicle’s suspension system. Replacing the bushings and mounts can help prevent this from happening.

Lastly, you should check your tires for any uneven wear. Any issues with your struts or shocks will mean that your tire cannot support the vehicle properly.

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