The key to a pleasurable and smooth driving experience is a perfect start. After all, who wants a car that acts cranky when trying to start? The task of ensuring a smooth and easy start is the primary goal of the starter motor in your vehicle, which can be a nightmare to deal with if it starts to act up.

However, like numerous other critical components of your car, the starter motor also shows a few early symptoms and signs before failing. So before repent, let us look at the top signs that suggest you may be dealing with starter motor trouble.

10 Signs That Your Starter Motor Trouble | The Best Tips

10 Signs That Your Starter Motor Trouble

Starter Motor Trouble | Strange grinding noise when starting the engine

If you are a frequent driver, you might hear this noise when the gear that engages with the flywheel does not engage properly or gets worn out. Faulty bearings inside the starter may also generate weird grinding noise. Either way, this suggests that you need to replace your starter motor as soon as possible. If, for some reason, you fail to replace your starter motor in time, it may cause further damage to your slow cranks, and flywheel and may result in a frequent battery check or starter motor trouble.

Free Wheeling

All starting systems tend to feature a sprocket that engages with a flywheel when the shaft begins spinning. This gear occasionally seizes and may fail to engage with the flywheel of your engine. If this happens, the chances are that you may need to replace your starter system entirely. At the very least, your shaft may need some lubrication so that the gear can freely slide in and out of the starting system.

Smoke when you crank the engine

A starter system might generate some smoke for numerous reasons when the owner attempts to start the vehicle. It’s a mechanical system that is powered by an electrical current operating at a higher amperage. The circuits of your starter system might overheat due to continuous cranking in an attempt to start the car. All heat generated under such conditions on the armature, the wiring, or even the wire feeding power to the starter motor trouble may result in smoke.

Clicking sound

A starter draws high-amperage electricity when it engages with the vehicle’s flywheel. If the electrical connections within the car are loose, your starter system may attempt to spin up, engage with the flywheel, and crank the vehicle engine slowly or not have enough power to turn the engine over at all. A constant clicking noise can be heard each time your gears attempt to engage with the flywheel. If you notice that the engine does not start or persists with starter motor trouble issues, then it may be time for you to visit a local mechanic right away.

Overoiling the starter system

Occasionally oil may drip down from other areas of your engine and end up on the starter. As the starter system starts to heat up from excessive cranking, this oil might smolder, causing smoke or an oil-like smell. This oil might also affect a few electrical components and circuits, causing intermittent starting issues. If this is the case, you might have to replace your starter and repair any oil leak, ensuring that everything is clean and tight.

The car won’t start, but the interior lights turn on

If your vehicle’s interior lights are on and provide illumination at an average level, but your vehicle does not start, there might be an open circuit that prevents the starter from receiving any power. If you notice that your lights are dim when operating the starter, you might have a short course somewhere inside the ignition system. Start by verifying if your vehicle’s battery is fully charged and have your car inspected by professionals from Express Auto & Tires as soon as possible.

Malfunctioning starter solenoid

A malfunctioning starter motor trouble solenoid might work intermittently or not at all. A starter engages when you turn the key for ignition and provides power to the system. If there is no grinding, clicking, or spinning sound and the lights illuminate at the average level, the chances are that your solenoid might be burnt out, or there may be a loose connection. Arrange for a visit to Express Auto & Tires immediately. Our team will inspect your electrical system components and everything else associated with the starter system to isolate your specific issue and fix it as soon as possible.

The starter stays on after ignition.

If you notice that the starter continues to spin even after the engine starts, your starter gear might not have adequately disengaged. Moreover, the solenoid may not shut down the feeding current to the starter motor trouble system, and you may be facing an electrical or mechanical issue. Either way, you must shut down the engine immediately if you wish to avoid any engine starter or flywheel damage.

Intermittent issues with starter motor trouble

Intermittent issues such as starter motor trouble when starting the vehicle are the most difficult to resolve. Ensure that all electrical cable connections are tight and that your vehicle’s battery is fully charged. Verify that there is no oil leakage on the starter and avoid cranking the car for an extended time lasting more than a few seconds. When you bring your vehicle over to our professional from Express Auto & Tires, we will complete an inspection using a charging system.

A strange smell when cranking the vehicle.

If you smell smoke or any strange smell coming from the engine, especially from the area near the starter system, it could result from burning wires inside the starter itself. Do not crank the engine too much, and allow your vehicle’s wiring and starter system to cool down between attempts. Remember that your battery will also recover faster if you wait for a few minutes before attempting to start your engine again.

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