All car owners drive their vehicles for extended periods every day. Some owners love traveling long distances; some use them to go to work, and others love just to pack their bags and go on an off-road adventure.

One important thing that you need to know is that all these vehicles share a specific suspensions system. It is one of the parts of a car that we all know about but are never sure of its purpose.

Let’s mention some of the essential reasons why this part of your car is so crucial.

A comfortable and safe ride

The most crucial factor in traffic is the driver and the passenger’s safety. When traveling at high speeds, even a minor mistake can severely endanger everyone’s life inside the vehicle. Having a great suspension system is crucial. If there was no such thing as a suspension system, it would practically be impossible to drive a car.




The primary purpose of your suspensions is to absorb any sustained shock when driving a vehicle. So, whenever you hit a speed bump, your car relies on a set of springs, coils, and shock absorbers to keep it from bouncing.

Moreover, when you are making a sharp turn, it’s the suspension system’s job to keep your car on the road by evenly distributing your vehicle’s weight. Without a suspension system, driving a car would not be possible.

It looks after other car parts.

The suspensions is also crucial since it reduces the overall stress on other parts of your vehicle. For example, by keeping the vehicle’s balance optimized, your suspension makes sure that the tire wear is the same on all four wheels.

Nevertheless, hitting a bump may cause damage to your suspension system when driving a car, making it unaligned. This is severe damage that needs to be fixed as soon as possible since it can lead to much more significant harm that requires a lot of money to repair.

This is why you need to make sure to visit Express Auto & Tires in Irving, Texas, after hitting a massive bump on the road, just to make sure that it did no damage to your suspension.

Great off-road experience

Driving off-road is a hobby for a lot of people. Without having an appropriate suspension system, this would practically be impossible to achieve.

Those interested in this type of sport are well aware of why having a good suspensions system plays a crucial role, especially a 4X4 suspensions system capable of redistributing your engine’s power to a particular wheel.

Factory-made suspension kits are usually not suitable for these types of driving conditions, which is why many hobbyists choose to rely on aftermarket suspensions parts. There are many reasons to believe why aftermarket suspension parts are a better alternative than the OEMs.

More durable: OEM (original equipment manufacturer) suspension sysstems are built for multiple purposes. They are amazing for regular roads; however, if you decide to go off-road, you will end up causing damage to your suspension since it was not originally designed for such conditions.

Nevertheless, with an aftermarket suspension system, you are getting something specifically designed for off-road drives, meaning that these parts’ overall quality gives you higher durability for the entire system.

Flexibility: A convenient and useful feature that some suspension systems have is flexibility. With only a few steps, the vehicle owner can change the height of their vehicle depending on various conditions.

So, if she or he wants to drive on a normal road, the shock absorbers of your suspension system can move the vehicle closer to the ground, whereas, in an off-road session, they can adjust the height of their vehicle without much hassle. This helps you get a better performance out of your vehicle without damaging any parts.

Such features are not present on the originally manufactured suspension systems since huge vehicle manufacturers are always looking for ways to lower their overall production costs, keeping your suspension systems suitable for a single purpose, which is asphalt.

Commercial vehicle use

One particular industry where the suspension of your vehicle plays a vital role is the transportation industry. Without having a well-maintained suspension system, it would be impossible for huge trucks to carry all the weight they do.

There are special truck suspensions systems that make it possible for these vehicles to carry such immense weight.

These are some of the most important reasons why it is crucial to have a good suspensions system. The next time you hit a bump on the road, you can thank your suspension for keeping you on the road.

Try the “bounce test.”

If you feel that your vehicle’s suspensions is going bad, you can try this simple test. With your car in “park,” press down the front of your vehicle with all your weight, “bounce” it multiple times, and then release.

Do the same on the rear end of your vehicle. If your car continues to bounce or rock more than 2-3 times after you release, then it means that your suspension is wearing out, and you need to get it checked.

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